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We always need help. Lots of it, and all kinds, in these areas:

  • Communications
  • Publicity
  • Fundraising
  • Research
  • Photography
  • Odd jobs, or any of our behind-the-scenes work
  • Performing on stage, or helping, either backstage or at other events
  • Leading or participating in an outdoors event
    or hosting an event.
  • Giving a workshop.

Some specific jobs include:

  • delivering posters and writing reports
  • writing grant applications
  • phoning
  • organizing
  • ushering
  • stage-managing

You could:

  • keep track of land issues and government initiatives
  • make presentations
  • host events
  • write letters
  • type
  • create posters
  • take photographs
  • help decorate a venue
  • bake
  • perform at one of our musical events or poetry readings.

If you have a few hours, or more, and would like to help with any of the work listed, or if you have other ideas, please contact us.