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History The Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital

The Greenspace Alliance, now Friends of the Greenspace Alliance, is an advocacy group which works to preserve green spaces in the National Capital area.

Formed in October 1997, their primary aim is to conserve public and private greenspace, including natural and landscaped places deemed significant by a community. They also work to protect waterways and wetlands. They believe that urban greenness is essential for a community's quality of life. ‘Places of greenness contribute to personal, social, economic, cultural and spiritual well-being. They also connect us with the natural and cultural history of our region.’

As well as urging governments to protect greenspace, and joining with like- minded groups to advocate for land and nature preservation, the alliance initiates projects to restore and create greenspace, such as proposing a Poets' Pathway, linking Beechwood Cemetery to Britannia Park via Alta Vista, the Heron/Walkley/Kitchener lands and the Southern and Western Corridors.

The Alliance has made presentations to the NCC seeking to keep the western and southern corridors green.

The Poets’ Pathway began as an initiative of Bill Royds and the Greenspace Alliance’s Erwin Dreessen, joined by Steven Artelle.

AS well as the activities and history of the Alliance itself, you will find a comprehensive history of the first years of the Poets’ Pathway, from 2002 – 2007 and many photographs and descriptions of Pathway activities on their site: www.greensdpace-alliance/poetspath. There is also a description and history of McCarthy Meadow, written by naturalist John Sankey. This land is the Southern Corridor, and is the area where we would most like to see a Poets’ Park.