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We owe our success to many people who have given of their time and talents in a myriad of ways.  In translation, scholarship, photography, graphic design, research, writing, backstage work, publicity, performing on stage (or in gardens), the list is endless.

We are grateful to the generous and talented poets and musicians and choristers who have performed for us at fundraising concerts and readings. We also thank everyone who has bought memberships and tickets and flower bulbs to help us acquire monuments. And we thank those in political office who have embraced our project, and made a dream possible.

We sincerely thank and acknowledge the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation and the City of Ottawa for their very real contributions, and we are grateful for the knowledge and the hard work of their staffs. We also thank the legal firm of Kelly Santini LLP, and  Ottawa University law students, Nathaniel Brettle and Udy Bell.

We would like to acknowledge the generous ongoing help of some specific people:  Mary Hardy, Dr. Erwin Dreessen, Dr. Steven Artelle, Roger Boult, Joanne Tait, Diane Schmolka, Sara Jamieson, Lucie Hotte, Susan McMaster, Clive Doucet, Donna Silver, Brian Frommer, Jan Hodsoll, Rhoda Bellamy, Melanie  Gallant , Lee Wyndham, Therese Behm,  Emir Delic, Kevin Moore, Nita Bradley. We thank Steven Peltz for allowing us to put his photography on our web site. We thank the McGill Alumni Choir of Ottawa, and Jane Perry and the Chalice Choir of the Unitarian Congregation,  Jehan Khoorshed and Matt Ouimet and the Bovas,  for their talents and generosity, and of course our families and our friends, who give us unstinting practical and moral support.