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When the Poets’ Pathway heard about [murmur] we immediately realized that we could use this technology to add an  important level to the Poets’ Pathway. [murmur ]agreed. Now we need to raise the money.

What is [murmur]?

The [murmur] group is from Toronto. They have created a new way of story telling for the public. 

[murmur] is an audio documentary project that collects and distributes people's stories about specific places.  During their daily routines pedestrians walk past sites marked with a sign indicating the presence of one or more stories, and a telephone number that can be dialed to listen to them.  

A website goes along with this.
Murmur's installations are very popular.  There are installations across Canada and in Europe – in Toronto, Vancouver, San Jose, California, Ireland, Scotland..

We envision using [murmur] to install signs for poems along the Pathway. The poems will of course be Canadian - right up to the present day. The poems will be read by prominent Canadians. If someone dials a number, or clicks on a link, they will hear or see the poem.
We will also put the works on a website.  We can add film and visual art, music... The Pathway and the works can be accessed from anywhere with a computer.

Why [murmur]?

Using this technology will immediately make the Poets’ Pathway current, and accessible. It will easily let us benefit the public and the poets. It will be non-invasive of the land.

  • People can hear the poems and can listen to nature information, or practical  information – for example, directions, or a map;
  • Signs in other parts of the city can identify significant historic locations, such as the homes, churches,  work places of the poets.
  • We can recognize our poets! And highlight Canadian personalities by having them read the poems.
  • People can travel a virtual Poets’ Pathway if they are unable to travel in person.


Web site - Murmur Toronto